Washington D.C. Area

The Washington, D.C. area is a destination where tourists can always find something extraordinary to see and do. Not only is this the seat of the United States government with historic government landmarks all around, it’s also home of countless world class museums and galleries.

The Smithsonian Institute maintains most of D.C.’s art institutions including the National Museums of Natural History, African Art, American History and the American Indian. The Smithsonian also oversees the National Zoo, which is a great place to visit in March when the majestic creatures of the wild are framed by the city’s beautiful cherry blossoms.

For those who love science, the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is another Washington, D.C. delight. Visitors are invited to experience immersive installations of the sun, examine plants that directly affect our ozone, and see a sycamore tree that flew through space aboard Apollo 14—all free of charge.